I'm Geek and I'm Proud


My name is Amanda and I am a geek... Two of my biggest passions are programming and cats. I love lots of other stuff too, but these two feature most prominently in my site, and define my geekness I guess. My main reason for building this site is to demonstrate my skills to potential employers. But I am also using it in my ongoing development. Whenever I learn something new, I'll try to incorporate it somewhere in these pages.

Most of the content is still in progress as I am concentrating on the structure and design right now, but the menu items indicate the pages I will be writing. The style menu has a style switcher option which changes the look of the site. I created all of the designs and images myself and I had very little photoshop experience before I started. So my images are fairly basic but I have had fun producing them. I plan to use three style options, one for each of my cats, but I am saving Betty for a time when I can go back to studying photoshop/ImageReady and produce some more sophisticated output.

I have mixed feelings about Blogs but I decided to include one until feedback tells me it is a bad idea. I might write about my mad family's antics. People like dysfunctional Doughty stories, they make everyone else feel lucky! It is an uphill struggle, but one that is lined with love and laughter.

Finally - why Frog Princess? I originally chose this self appointed title after hearing the song of the same name by The Divine Comedy. It was the moment I fell in love with my idol, Neil Hannon, sigh... There he was on TFI Friday, a svelte little man in a three piece suit, with a huge baratone voice, singing such funny, clever lyrics.

It also happens to be my favourite fairytale. I believe that if you never give up and you keep working at what you want, then anything is possible. So keep kissing frogs xXx